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Low cost homemade projects, plans, and information for the do it yourselfer

Offering, unique, innovative solutions for do it yourselfer's; for home,  garden, and landscape improvement using low cost materials.  Each "How To" design should save time and save money making your home a more comfortable place to live.  These economical How To's are pictorial, well documented with procedures, plans, photos, and sketches, so the do it yourself and home improvement aficionado can complete the project quickly, and at very low cost.  Each design, or plan, leans toward an affordable functional solution more so than an aesthetic solution, using cheap low price materials.

A special BobsHowTo category: Supplemental

The site has grown!  Please visit all the categories you see in the Site Navigation Bar, to your left, to see a diverse set of "How To" topics at Bobs How To!  Use the Topics and  Sub-Topics Navigation Bars to navigate within a general topic area.

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My Firewood rack plans produce a better rack at a lower cost (including the plans!). Bob 
Rutland Firestarter Specs.

 Also known as Seymour Fire Blox


Pictorial "How To" designs and plans

Plans and designs for the do it yourself, home improvement fan.  While design sketches are supplied, many photographs of projects taken during construction are included with every "How To".  Materials lists are provided as well as cutting lengths tables.  Hints on purchasing materials and links to suppliers are included.  Where required, each How To has project maintenance and safety suggestions.  How To plans

Health Topics

An attempt to present health topics from the patient's and customer's perspective.  Sort of "How To" live with or improve upon matters related to health.  Low  tension glaucoma, sinus congestion, health insurance rejection, strange hospital lab billing practices, and other topics.  Health topics.  The NIH, National Institute of Health and the CDC, Center for Disease Control are both good resources, but look to the latest studies and critical review of these studies to stay current.

Tips & Tricks Pages

Low cost materials, easy solutions to home and household problems, some strange, some simple.  Problems with your sliding screen door, or sliding glass door; some tips?  Problems with lawn mowing, grass on your sidewalk, grass on your driveway; some tips?  Believe it or not "screen BO" or screen door odor.  Tips Tricks  

Sports and Hobbies

I am an avid skier so you can guess what the bias of these pages is.  A discussion of boot cant and bowed legsSkiing steep terrain and handling precipices.  Looking good skiing or skiing with style!  Skiiing Fun

Tree spike tip BobsHowTo


As we develop our property I will document our landscaping projects pictorially and publish them here.  Hopefully there will be some new ideas and methods presented!  We just bought a new Kubota B7610 compact tractor with bucket and it is time to take on the Multi-Flora Rose and Hawthorns that are taking over our meadow area.  The photo documents a simpler way to insert fertilizer spikes around your trees. Landscape design

Gardening Projects

Last fall we added a homemade 12 x 24 greenhouse.  We also have seven 4 x 16 raised bed garden planters that are now 9 years old and rotting away.  Hopefully a new project using 4 x 8 x16 cap blocks will provide lasting beds!  We have lots of projects in mind!  Garden projects

Need a brighter light bulb BobsHowTo

Household Projects

Any project around the house!  I try to document even the simplest maintenance task pictorially, lighting a wood stove, fixing a slow drain, repairing a sliding patio door, Tea Time Saver, and hopefully more.  Modern lights need to be brighter!  Home repair

Anything to do with the Workshop 

I hope to document anything unique about the workshop.  Also suggest specific types of equipment and reasons for the choice.  Maybe one of my best purchases was an industrial material storage rack, wow, what an organizer!

BBQ and Cooking, unique ideas

I do a little barbequing and have found some ways to save some time and money; How about a instant read BBQ thermometer for the price of a regular thermometer?

Science, Physics, Astronomy

One of my hobbies is science!  Particularly physics and astronomy.  In college I started out as a physics major but soon discovered I really did not want to spend 4 years learning how to play billiards, in infinite detail, so I switched to engineering and played pool!  Science neutrinos

Quality, Business ethics, caring

By documenting upsetting business practices I hope in the long run to have a positive impact upon businesses and there policies.  If I receive an advertisement I do not like I will try to document who is ultimately responsible and maybe the message will "trickle up"!  Quality!

Fun - Fun Photos

Anything to do with fun and activities.  Unusual events that deserve a web page.  Use your computer as a strobe light? How bout a neat kaleidoscope screen saver.  FFuuunnnn

Pets, personalities and projects

Pets are a lot of fun, and a lot of work.  I have come up with some fixes for our pet problems.  Feeding a cat and dog together can be difficult.  A simple solution that works well in many cases.

Home Utilities

Saving money and improving comfort goes hand in hand with maintaining and improving the utility services around your home and property.

Organize Space!

I just realized that many of my "How To" projects around the house are really organization projects.  I have some unique ideas I hope you will find useful. 

Home Computing, Home Web sites, XP, X10

Home web sites is a major topic as well as Dynamic DNS a substitute for a costly Static IP address.  Windows XP IIS server and multiple web sitesWeb site at home

Only Good Reviews

Occasionally I will write some good reviews.  On this site it will be rare that you see a bad review?

Rip Off Prices

Please be careful of the price you pay for accessories to the products you buy.  These accessories can have ridiculous prices.  The FTC Bureau of Competition hopefully; will succeed!

Thanks for visiting BobsHowTo !

Date created: 23 Jun 2003

Date revised: 12/07/2017

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