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Jar Opener plans

It is easy to build this homemade kitchen jar opener with basic materials at a very low cost.

The problem: Jar Opener  Bob, could you please open this jar?

The solution: Homemade jar opener  A jar being opened using both hands underneath our kitchen cabinet with this easy to build kitchen jar opener.  Also note my hands are no longer doing the work, very important!

If you follow the link below you may download the full Kitchen Jar Opener and Bottle Opener "How To" ( plans ).  When printed these jar opener plans are about 7 pages long.  This jar opener design also contains a layout sketch as well as numerous photos documenting materials, construction, assembly, and installation.  The materials cost is very small (<$4.00), and putting this together is very straight forward.

I like to keep things simple, once you reach the downloadable page you can use your browser's "File", "Save As", function to make your own personal copy of this "How To" web page.  This copy will include all the large size photos and the "How To" document with with sketches.  If you would like to test saving a "How To" in this fashion please just try your browser "Save As" function on this page!  The only difference will be the blue background may be gone.  This page will always remain.  If you have any problems please email me at Bob at BobsHowTo.com using @ in place of the word "at".  I do this to avoid spam e-mailers from automatically recording my email address, Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Jar Opener "How To" page will take about 120 seconds to open at 46.6 modem speed.  Once open, use your "Save As" function to save the entire "How To".  (Once open it does look like a normal web page)

Sample Kitchen Jar Opener How To

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