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Don't kill wasps nesting in your siding, prevent wasps

Do you have wasps nesting in your vinyl siding?  Rather than kill wasps I prefer to prevent wasps from nesting in the vinyl siding with this easy "How To".

Please check out the sample Kitchen Jar Opener "How To" plans!

If you just need to repair your vinyl siding click here.

The source of the problem: A close-up of the gap between vinyl siding and a vinyl "J" channel adjacent to a sliding glass window, prevent waspsThat small gap between the "J" channels of your home's siding and the vinyl siding sheet itself.  It is hard to see even in this close-up picture.  This small gap forms a wonderful, attractive, home for paper wasps and other insects.  The south facing side of your home gets very warm during the day and stores heat into the night.  Wasps just seem to find this ideal for their home!  Our deck on the south side of the house seemed to have hundreds of wasps coming and going, but if you try out this "How To" I think you will find you can significantly reduce your wasp population without the need to kill wasps!  You and I both know killing wasps can be dangerous especially if you have an allergy to wasps.

Do not blame your home builder.  Each piece of siding must be installed with a proper expansion gap at each end, typically 1/4".  Here is a link to the Vinyl Siding institute: https://www.vinylsiding.org/, they have an excellent PDF document providing many details about vinyl siding installation: Vinyl Siding Installation.  On hot sunny days your siding may expand quite a bit and without the gap would buckle!  Unfortunately the wasps get the benefit.

This "How To" is not a chemical solution to the infestation problem, but please always read the label of any spray you might use on your siding or roofing shinglesThese chemicals can destroy your home.  I know, I sprayed a wasps nest in the cupola of a shed and the overspray stained (dissolved) the white shingles.  The tar from the shingle got all over the white stone of the shingle; I scrubbed the roof for two hours with dish detergent, not like new, but better.  

The "How To" describes a solution to this wasp infestation problem that most home owners can apply at a very low cost.  To prepare and apply this "How To" to a 27' x 56' vinyl sided home took about 6 hours.  This "How To" documents many of the problems you may run into and suggested solutions.  In the "How To" are numerous photographs documenting every step of the process.

A note to homeowners with aluminum siding: I believe this "How To" can be implemented on an aluminum siding home as well but the "How To" itself documents what was done to a vinyl sided home.  Having owned an aluminum sided home in the past, I have included in the "How To" some suggestions and "safety warnings" if you attempt this on an aluminum sided home.

One solution that can damage your siding or shinglesJust for a reality check, your local home supplier definitely will carry this product.  Typically the price you will pay for one 17 oz. can is $6.99 to $9.99.  You do not want to spray most of these products on your siding they may do quite a bit of damage.

If you follow the link below you may download the full prevent wasps "How To".  When printed this "How To" is about 9 pages long.  It contains numerous photos documenting materials, preparation, and installation.  The materials cost for this wasp prevention aid is very small and installing this is very straight forward.  This "How To" is available for $2.50 ( a lot less than $6.99! ) with payment currently only through Pay Pal.  Pay Pal has many advantages for a credit card customer, you will be buying from Bob's How To almost completely anonymously.  I will not see or be able to store any of your personal or credit card information saved by Pay Pal.  Pay Pal is well respected and now owned by Ebay.

I like to keep things simple, once you reach the downloadable page you can use your browser's "File", "Save As", function to make your own personal copy of this "How To" web page.  This copy will include the "How To" document with pictures.  If you would like to test saving a "How To" in this fashion please just try your browser "Save As" function on this page!  The only difference will be the blue background may be gone.  Please do use your "Save As" function, the "How To" page may no longer exist if you try to return.  This page will always remain.  If you have any problems please email me at Bob at BobsHowTo.com using @ in place of the word "at".  I do this to avoid spam e-mailers from automatically recording my email address, Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Reduce Wasps "How To" will take about two minutes to open at 46.6 modem speed due to the large photos.  Once open, use your "Save As" function to save the entire "How To".  Once you click on the Buy Now link and complete the transaction you will be directed to the:

Reduce Wasps "How To"  $FREE

So reduce wasps with no pesticide, install this prevent wasps "How To" !


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