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Your ski equipment, bowed legs, and boot cant.

One thing I have learned over the years skiing, is how important ski boot canting is if you are bow legged, like me!  If you are bow legged it is important to correct for the bow with "cant", before you even start to learn to ski.  Canting adjustment is a method of adjusting your skis and boots so the ski is flat on the snow when you are in a comfortable skiing / standing position.  For the skier with relaxed knees and legs close together, I am sure this adjustment is even more significant.  The closer together your feet are, with bowed legs, the more your skis will tilt off the snow the wrong way!  The inside edges of the ski will be up in the air and the outside edges will be digging into the snow!  Like being on a railroad track, which makes it very difficult to turn.  This is so true for the novice who is straining very hard in a wedge position to get those skis tilted so the outside edges of the ski are not dragging in the snow.

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No boot cant adjustment back then

When I started skiing there was no canting adjustment in my ski boots.  At this point in my skiing I was a beginner / intermediate.  I went out and shopped for a canting wedge set.  You put these wedges between the binding and the ski itself to tilt the boot out some to match the tilt of your bowed leg.  This is not great because your foot is not flat on the ski anymore.  The thinnest wedge I could buy at the time was 2 degrees, I tried this and it was too much!  Why am I telling you about this antiquated equipment; to make a point.  Because these wedges were too much tilt, I ended up cutting some thin aluminum sheet metal and making shims to fit under one side of each binding.  At the time for me this tiny little bit of "cant" made a huge difference in my skiing comfort.  I could start turns much more easily, I could carve turns much better.  I could side slip without catching the outside edge of the ski.  From my perspective a novice skier should probably "over cant" their ski boot raising that outside edge of each ski just a little bit, what a difference!  Canting your boot cuff with adjustable boots really gives you the most desirable correction, better than wedges, because your feet stay flat on the ski and your bowed leg can tilt out naturally.

I am just a skier and what I write here is my opinion alone.  It is what works for me.  Please use these suggestions at your own risk.  Talk about these crazy thoughts with your ski instructor and have fun.

Hope this helped, Thanks!








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