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My dryer runs too long with Earthing Sheets

We have used Earthing Sheets for several years now with great success, but, one thing you will discover is your clothes dryer will run and run and run on when your dryer load has an earthing sheet in it.  The earthing sheet is clearly, very dry, and very hot, too hot, but the clothes dryer will not stop.

What's an Earthing sheet?

And why should you care?  I had read about "Grounding" or Earthing and it seemed like a very interesting concept.  I am a retired electrical engineer (Principal Engineer Siemens) and I see nothing conceptually wrong with the concept of Earthing, purportedly introduced by Clinton Ober.  Here is an article by Dr Mercola with a discussion with Clint Ober about the benefits of Earthing.

The principal is straight forward, we are no longer living naturally; No kidding!  We used to walk around barefoot and sleep in contact with the ground itself.  Our bodies are electrical conductors, we have conductance.  Anyone who has been struck by lightning will certainly attest to that.  In the instance of lightning, our bodies are better conductors than trees.  If lightning strikes a tree, and we are even near it, the lightning current (electrons) will jump from the tree to our bodies and unfortunately be conducted to the ground (or Earth) through us; ouch!

A nice article discussing lightning.  Exploratorium Lightning.

If you place an insulator between a conductor and the earth, the conductor can acquire a positive charge.  Since we invented rubber, we have been walking around with a positive charge for most the day.  You really get a "boost" when you get out of that recliner or car seat on a winter day!  As you walk in rubber shoes you rub the electrons off your heels.  Your body itself replaces those missing electrons in your shoes, and thusly, you become charged up, positively charged.  You now have an electron shortage.

When molecules have a shortage, or excess, of electrons, they are more likely to react chemically.

This could be good or bad.  There are many chemical reactions in our body that are good for us, but unfortunately, there are probably more that are bad.  A shortage of electrons will likely cause more chemical reactions to occur.  If statistically, more chemical reactions are bad for us than good, unnecessarily precipitating them by carrying around a positive charge all day may do more harm than good!  The Earth is full of electrons, conducting them to our bodies should promote beneficial chemical reactions; reactions that occur when they need to, not when they are counterproductive.  This seems quite reasonable to me.  Stability is the key to health.

You connect an Earthing Sheet to the Earth

Earthing sheets, pads, wristlets, are good conductors intentionally, they must also be electrically connected to the Earth, or an electrical ground.  In this way when your body comes in contact with the sheet electrons can slowly flow from the Earth to your positively charged body, thereby neutralizing any excess charge in your body.  This process can take time.  While body is a conductor, it is not a great conductor.

There is another disadvantage to excess charge, positive or negative.

I am sure you have seen it when you remove your clothes from the dryer; things clump together!  Your red blood cells need to flow through very narrow orifices in your body.  If they clump together they may not fit!  No oxygen to your cells; that is not good!  By providing all the electrons your body needs to equalize all potentials (voltages), you will eliminate this tendency for your cells to clump.  Dr. Stephen Sinatra demonstrates this in his 5 part article on the SpaceDoc.com site.  Doctor Sinatra's Thinner blood with better flow.

Why would a clothes dryer have a problem with an Earthing Sheet?

Run on due to dryer moisture sensor and earthing sheetYour automatic clothes dryer has a fairly simple system to detect when your clothes are dry.  Obviously when you load your clothes dryer your clothes are quite wet.  Water, with the minerals water contains, is a fairly good conductor of electricity (electrons).  Your dryer takes advantage of this fact when you start it running.  The dryer has an electrical sensor that is measuring the conductivity of your clothes.  The photo shows the sensor as the two curved metal strips, in this case, inside the dryer's door, at the bottom of the lint filter.  As your clothes dry, their conductivity continues to decline as the water evaporates.  At some point, when most the water is gone from your clothes, the conductivity of your clothes declines to a minimum.  The sensor in the dryer detects this reduction in conductivity and determines that your clothes are almost completely dry.  It is likely the dryer continues for a few minutes after the sensor indicates the lowest conductivity, just to make sure your clothes are dry.  The Earthing Sheets are excellent conductors and these conductors are rubbing against the moisture sensor in your dryer.  Because of this excellent conductivity, the sensor in your dryer is deceived and indicates the clothes are still very damp and this state never changes.  The dryer will ultimately stop, but only after an excessive period of time.  Even when the dryer stops it might indicate an error, indicating that perhaps something has failed in the dryer, but nothing has failed, the dryer has just detected the excellent conductivity of the earthing sheets.  Basically whenever you dry a load with earthing sheets you should use a timed dryer setting and avoid any automatic setting.  You will have to guess at the time setting, but certainly you will be saving some money on electricity or gas.

Earthing sheets, dryer run on, and safety

The other problem with this earthing sheet and dryer run on situation is a potential fire hazard.  The extended run on time will allow your dryer exhaust to become very hot.  If the exhaust vent is blocked with lint there is a potential for fire. The NFPA, (National Fire Protection Association) warns about this in their article; Dryers and Washing machines.  Please do keep your lint screen clean and have your dryer vent cleaned periodically.  Remember to use a timed dry cycle with earthing or grounding sheets and products.

Hope this helped, Bob








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