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Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care with a mulching mower

I use a mulching lawn mower and I have put together a few tips on mowing and lawn care.

Here is a simple tip on How To reduce getting grass clippings all over the sidewalk, or grass clippings all over your driveway, or worse grass trimmings in your landscaping.  Unfortunately we all have to mow lawns, Ah, I know some who love lawn care, they are fortunate people!

I will add photos in the near future but the tips below are simple.

Mulching Lawn Mower Tip

Make a relief cut!  What??.  Don't mow over the edge of your driveway or sidewalk, first mow leaving an inch or two of uncut grass between the mower and driveway or sidewalk.  Leaving this narrow wall of grass standing blocks the clippings your mower would throw all over your sidewalk.  This lawn care tip truly applies to mulching mowers.  With mulching mowers you just cannot control where the clippings will drop.  This is especially true if your sidewalk or driveway is on the downhill side of where your mowing.

Lawn Care Edging Tip

Another tip in this regard is to always "edge out" a 4 to 6 inch strip of turf around your driveway or sidewalk.  Remove this strip of turf and some soil below it, and then fill with mulch.  You get a great looking border around your sidewalk or driveway.  If you are a fanatic use landscape cloth or just 4 mil black plastic in this 4 to 6 inch trench to help prevent weed growth.  This border makes mowing a breeze and you will not have to trim much at all.  Because of the slope where my sidewalk is located even with this fancy edge the mulching mower blows clippings onto the walk.  So remember the "relief cut" really helps.

Hope this helps!









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