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Bob's quotes and commentaries ?

There have always been some fun, and not so fun, things I just wanted to write down, so that is what this page is for, infamous quotes and hopefully "famous quotes" (Not likely), and some follow up commentary.  

Television Viewing and Book Reading

Television Viewing supplants the art of Book Reading,
Book Reading supplants the art of Story Telling,
Story Telling supplants the art of Pantomime,
Pantomime supplants the art of Wrestling;

The Internet will supplant the art of Television Viewing.

Each a form of communication and entertainment, and each new form probably makes the previous more rare and enjoyable, so go out and have a wrestle tonight!  (Well I never liked wrestling that much, man was that communicating; sorry Mr. Whistler)


Think about it, Book Reading supplants the art of Story Telling; sheds a new light on Book Reading, just another form of entertainment, like Television, enjoying someone else's composition, while being a couch potato (or is that "potatoe"!).

Reference material is not just entertainment, but again the whole purpose of story telling was to pass on useful information to the next generation in an appealing and hopefully entertaining way.  Books have supplanted this art, and perhaps quelled a lot of family comradery.  (TV is just as bad in this domain).

Before there were books, what did we lose when books were created?

Research & Development is not overhead!

Research and Development makes serial number 1, manufacturing makes the rest, 2-XXXXX, using this thought process, research and development is manufacturing, and therefore is not overhead!

R & D, Manufacturing, and Sales make products which make money, everything else is overhead, only departments directly related to the product are not overhead; I do lump purchasing, logistics, etc, into manufacturing.

Corporate officers, CEO's, and boards are overhead, they do not make products!  Time to cut costs share holders!  Let us start making some products America!

Please teach students how to learn

I wish all schools would concentrate on teaching students how to learn, instead teaching them facts and algorithms; for example taking "notes" is a method, or device, that facilitates learning, that is the important thing.  I do not think nearly as much education would be required if techniques of learning were always what was stressed in an educational environment.  An individual spends 12 years plus, and probably 4 or 5 more in a college, and the most useful aspect of this is the student is actually training himself learning techniques, techniques in many cases they were never taught by educators.  As an employee in the engineering fields, my most important talent was learning new things quickly, to get a new, unique task completed; none of the relevant facts and many of the algorithms were never taught in school, they had to be developed independently.  When I refer to algorithms, an example would be mathematics, not only must you learn facts but you must learn a sequence of logical steps to solve a problem.  Software in my time was not taught till grade eleven and then only to a few students, but software is the key to building algorithms one can use to solve mathematical problems.  Abstracting the algorithmic techniques and training students in the ultimately fundamental, logical, step by step methodology would provide the student with the most fundamental method of approaching a problem in life; again teach a student how to learn, not teaching them facts and topic specific algorithms.  Perhaps in pursuing this education could become more economically viable and available for all.

The reason for Social Security

Why does Social Security exist?  Because the Stock Market failed!  Now we want to rely on the Stock Market to bail out Social Security?  I do not think so.

I need to learn how to invest in Soup Kitchens, and Flop Houses, that is where my future financial security resides.  Who is going to take care of the millions of people whose investments fail, who are scammed out of their money, that is why our forefathers invented the Social Security, public insurance, program so that we would not have to take in thousands of strangers into Soup Kitchens, and Flop Houses.  So if Private Accounts succeed, these will be the enterprises to put your money into, Soup Kitchens and Flop Houses!

Nationalize insurance, not health and medical care

The one thing America has successfully nationalized is Social Security.  What is Social Security?  An insurance program!  Why nationalize health care when the primary problem is out of control insurance companies, profits are enormous and coverage and payouts are steadily declining.  Executives of many insurance companies are lining their pockets with gold!

As a country we know how to handle insurance, assuming we can keep our own elected officials from borrowing from the coffers!  Social security is well funded and it is NOT an entitlement program!  Only government officials who want to steal these funds refer to this program as an entitlement; it is PREPAID INCOME INSURANCE, even additional funding was added to support the "baby boomers", but our elected officials have borrowed and squandered much of those funds.

So if we just nationalized the insurance industry, or at least highly regulated them, all people would have insurance coverage.

The government is constantly insuring people with "disaster relief" funds.  This is unacknowledged insurance!

Hospitals are truly the ones insuring the most needy in our society.  They are legally mandated to help low income individuals and families.  They finance this by overcharging everybody else; this is a disguised, bamboozled, insurance system, again the insurance industry itself is failing to provide the needed services, just lining their pockets instead!  

So again lets nationalize the insurance industry, and regulate health care a little more carefully!

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