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Our newborn fawn in the field

After hearing an incessant baying in the field we thought we should track down the source to see if there was an injured animal.  And look what we found.

We found a newborn fawn in the field!  So I thought I would grab the camera and take a photo of the fawn.  Not perfectly staged but we were trying not to disturb the fawn.  This photo is thumbnailed, so click for a larger view.

Newborn Fawn picture
We found a healthy and noisy newborn fawn, probably hungry and waiting for mom.  Later that day somewhat tentatively mom did check in.  Please do not disturb the fawn, we kept a safe distance, one reason the photo is not very good.

About approaching fawns.

We have kept track of this fawn and now it is a healthy young deer.

We have been fortunate (deer and gardens!)

We do live in the country, quite a bit of open land, and also significant patches of woods near our home.  We have been fortunate that the wildlife has given us very few problems in the vicinity of our home.  There are probably two reasons, we do have several acres of open land between our home and any woodlot surrounding us.  Our own woods is probably 500 feet from the house.  This gap seems to be significant for the wildlife; for example it seems to give deer enough room to roam the open space between the woods and our house, without having to come too close to the house.  We do have enticing plantings around the house and a large vegetable garden, but, the wildlife almost invariably avoid our house, excluding rabbits, voles, moles, and snakes; the deer do stay away.  The second reason the deer probably stay away is the cent of our two dogs, dogs that do roam the property occasionally during the day, but are kept in at night (we even have a contract with the SPCA requiring they be in a night).  For a year, we didn't have any dogs, and I would say, the wildlife started to creep its way in closer and closer.  When we brought home our first new dog, after he grew up a little, the wildlife around the house began to move away, and now we have two dogs.  So it is pleasant that we see the deer and fawns, but they mostly do not bother us, and of course WE NEVER FEED THE DEER!  Even through the harshest winters the deer seem to thrive.

Deer and gardens, solutions.

Hope you enjoy the photos,


Date created: 16 Mar 2005

Date revised: 10/22/2016


Fawn in the field

Newborn fawn in the field

We heard baying in the field and look what we found.








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