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Heaven for an Opossum

An opossum heaven, a trash bag full of left over cat food, bacon and hamburger fat, and other goodies.  This heavenly opossum moved on to our deck, sleeping on top of one trash bag and surrounded by two recycling bags which I think we did a good job of rinsing.  The opossum went right for the garbage, and when he/she found that can of fat, I think it found heaven.

Opossum in heaven photo
Opossum in action photo
Opossum sleeping in heaven photo

It was winter time and I think there had been a big snow with high winds.  In fact the winds were so powerful they had blown away my coincidently empty trash cans.  I was sure the trash cans were still on the property somewhere, but they were buried under the snow, so I could not find them.  So for several days the trash and recycling were put on the deck in bags.  Well that was the lure for the opossum, and we really did not mind him visiting, or, our getting a good look at him.

Opossum Intelligence?

There seems to be hugely divergent opinions on the opossum's overall intelligence.  Apparently its memory of food locations is excellent.  Our visitor certainly remembered exactly where the can of fat was on those cold winter days.

Missouri.edu opossum information. An excellent article.

Retriever Man; perhaps not so favorable an opinion

Our opossum visited, fervently (never moved from the spot), for two days, but then after a new snowfall I guess it decided it was time to move on.

It is rare to get such a good look at an Opossum.

Opossum in heaven photo
Opossum in Heaven 
My trash can blew away, and as a result look what the wind blew in.

Hope you enjoyed the photos,



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