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Notes to my Doctors

Notes to my doctors must be written at times just to make sure there is coverage and understanding; just good communications.  Below I'll be documenting some pertinent notes to my doctors, I hope they don't mind!

Doctors Notes 5/23/2017

This document may be read, and transcribed to electronic media, by Dr. Williams and his staff.

Robert Matheson

Appointment Wed. 5/24 @ 11 AM
My right knee, glaucoma, nutrients and toxicants, labile BP, a tune-up.

Robert (Bob) Matheson
3130 Garrison Rd.
Springville, PA. 18844
Principal Engineer, Electronics & Software (retired)
Siemens Energy & Automation

Dear Dr. Williams

I felt I must write down my reasons for another visit since there's a lot to cover. And thanks for your speedy action during my last esophageal event. I have made several changes in my diet as a result.

My right knee has been swollen and "snapping", and somewhat painful since November. I had been doing a lot of kneeling on the ground, placing 32 lb. concrete blocks, sometimes with knee pads. I didn't immediately notice a problem. It seems to get better, then worse, repeatedly.

My low tension glaucoma is slowly advancing. I have significant damage in my right eye which is closely approaching the center of my vision. Dr Arthur Jordan Jr. of NEI, and Dr's. Rhee and Moser of Wills Eye, have done what they can for me, at least for now. I'd like to look into nutritional and toxicant causes, and have a sleep study as well, (Dr. Jordan Jr. has requested this in the past.) my general impression from an insurance perspective is, a sleep study request will fare better coming from my primary care physician.

My 18 years of asthma and allergies, as diagnosed by Dr. Sayre, has almost been cured (4 years +) by using oral, and dermal, supplementation of magnesium (epsom salts). But I do still have some throat clearing and some feeling of reduced breathing capacity. Oddly in my investigations of these cardio pulmonary symptoms, I have learned that I probably should not have been taking timilol maleate eye drops (since mid 1990's), a non-selective beta-blocker for the many years I've had glaucoma. So at my request, Dr. Jordan Jr. has just switched me to Betaxolol (and Trusopt), as a substitute for CoSopt which contains timilol and dorzolamide. So an experiment, I'm just starting, to resolve these symptoms, BUT, during my engineering career I have been directly exposed to asbestos, primarily at Peach Bottom Nuclear power plant in the early seventies, but other sources as well. So I hope my first experiment with my Glaucoma medication will resolve these pulmonary symptoms, but wonder about mesothelioma.

Apparently there is a cheap Adrenal Tumor test for labile hypertension; tumors, statistically causing 10% of all blood pressure problems as noted by Cambridge University in 2013. The Cochrain Collaboration has found treatment of BP's below 160/90 show no improvement in morbidity or mortality; So I've never felt truly uncomfortable with my BP situation being untreated, well sort of untreated, because timilol (now betaxolol) in the eye, absorbed systemically, is very similar to normal blood pressure treatment with a beta-blocker. I've always wondered if my eye meds (drops) might exacerbate my labile hypertension. Alphagan puts me to sleep!

Getting back to my glaucoma, there has been a large study of Korean citizens which concluded that mercury toxicity in conjunction with manganese deficiency correlates with the presence of glaucoma. This leads me to investigating nutritional, and toxicological, sources for my glaucoma.

An aside:

My father was cavalier with chemicals. I was trained as a child that the best way to degrease parts was to dip them in gasoline and wash away. Of course my father didn't know that in his era leaded gasoline was treated with tetraethyl lead (TEL), which is voraciously absorbed by the skin. I also loved the smell of gasoline. He also brought home lead bricks and a 5 lb. bottle of mercury from his lab at RCA; they were fun to play with! One day I was searching for alcohol in his work shop, opening bottles and sniffing (long before chemistry courses), and I came along a bottle of hydrochloric acid, man did that clear my sinuses! Also he would grab any solvent to wash his hands; I followed suit one day and washed my young hands with DRANO, I have never felt so many pins and needles before. To top it all off I used to sand and scrub paint off the aluminum outboard motor casing using acetone, I loved the smell of acetone, and of course there was aluminum dust which I've since learned goes straight to the brain from the nose. Also scraping leaded paint, and caulking, from the bottom of our boat, gave me really enduring hand strength, but I'm not so sure it did much for my health. This was all in the sixties when nothing could hurt you.

Finally I've had tinnitus primarily in my right ear for decades. I saw an audiologist at the time and had a CT scan, with contrast, in Quakertown, but nothing was found. I have recently experimented supplementing with manganese, and understand that's a somewhat risky thing to do, and my tinnitus did seem to be affected, negatively, thus the desire for nutritional tests. Also as a young child in New Jersey I had my right eardrum pierced due to an inner ear infection, and had a tick embedded in my right ear canal as well. So tinnitus in the right ear and glaucoma in the right eye?

Regarding nutritional/ mineral tests, my understanding is blood serum analysis alone is not sufficient for determining nutritional status. RBC, or Ionic, testing must be done?

So to sum up.
right knee, throat clearing, coughing, glaucoma, labile BP, tinnitus (I've learned to live with the tinnitus).

Possible Actions:
Sleep Study per Dr. Arthur Jordan Jr. NEI
Nutritional Tests (manganese,magnesium, other?)
Toxicalogic Tests (mercury,lead,aluminum)
BP (Adrenal Tumors) $15 test?
Mesothelioma testing?? I'm OK without for now.

Follow up questions:
What's an excellent ecg ? Doctor Palmer's assistant had used the term "excellent" regarding my past ecg.

Sorry about the length of this message, but I wanted to provide background, and insurance justification, for any actions or tests you might suggest. I hope to put an anonymized copy of this online, with citations, at

Bob Matheson

P.S. Procedures I've had related to sleep:
CPT Codes
30520 Septoplasty or submucous resection, with or without cartilage scoring, contouring or replacement with graft
31255 Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surgical; with ethmoidectomy, total (anterior and posterior)
31267 Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surgical, with maxillary antrostomy; with removal of tissue from maxillary sinus
30115 Excision, nasal polyp(s), extensive
30140 Submucous resection turbinate, partial or complete, any method
31237 Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surgical; with biopsy, polypectomy or debridement (separate procedure)
42140 Uvulectomy, excision of uvula
42145 Palatopharyngoplasty (eg, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, uvulopharyngoplasty). Surgery for treating obstructive sleep apnea. It tightens flabby tissues in the throat and palate and expands air passages.

Current eye meds:
Betaxolol, One drop both eyes, twice daily
TruSopt (Dorzolamide HCL), One drop both eyes, twice daily
AlphaganP (Brimonidine tartrate) One drop both eyes, twice daily
TravatanZ (Travoprost) One drop both eyes, nightly
OMK2 (hyaluronic acid,b12,citicholine,) One drop both eyes, twice daily
The OMK2 (from Italy) is my personal glaucoma treatment improvisation.









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