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Organize Web Shopping

I wish I had even more shopping organization,  I find myself repeating the same web searches over and over to find that special shopping resource where I found the material I needed at a good price, with fair shipping prices, and good shipping times.  I have tried to set up a good organized set of folders that hold all my online shopping links, and it really can be quite difficult to come up with a good shopping organization system.  What I have prepared in the pages below is a shopping organization folder set that you can import into your web browser; by importing this set of shopping folders you will have a head start in your shopping organization, and hopefully you will save a lot time shopping instead of organizing your shopping!

Quick shop links


Above I have set up several quick shop links to the web's most favored shopping sites.  This is at least one quick shopping shortcut, shopping at the webs favorite shopping sites; usually these popular sites have fair prices, policies, shipping fees, etc.  You can "drag" any one of these Icons to your "Links" bar or your favorites folders. Amazon Amazon carries a tremendous variety of items partially through third parties; one nice thing about this arrangement is Amazon can really pressure a supplier if you have difficulties with that supplier.

BobsHowTo To the left is another Icon you can drag and drop to your "Links" bar, it is a "Quick Link" to my home page, please try grabbing this and dropping it onto your "Links" bar, just like you can any of the Quick Shop Icons above.

Shopping folders

Here I hope to have some well organized shopping favorites folders which you will be able to copy, and by using a set of pre-established shopping folders or categories you can save a lot of time and not have to worry about setting up all your shopping folders.









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