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Prices, ridiculous, prices. I have repeatedly found when shopping for many "How To" project items.  Outlandish prices for accessories to the primary item you are purchasing.  Many times the prices on these accessories are exorbitant!

Pricing examples

Please understand that the examples of prices I provide below are very dynamic.  I will do my best to keep good examples of fair prices for items as I see them.  Electronic items can be real price culprits.

Television, Video and Audio cable pricing.

One example I have found is prices for television, video, and audio cables.  The price of an HDMI video cable should be around $5 to $10 dollars, but MANY, MAJOR (even the biggest and supposedly cheapest)  retailers prices for these items are $15 to even $30 dollars or more.  Below are some prices I have found on Amazon for an HDMI cable.  I have purchased two of these cables and found they work great!  So why pay such a high price for the accessories?

Do remember when checking prices to take into account taxes and shipping costs. Always check the price of these gotchas!  Granted it is fair to expect retailers to have slightly higher prices.  


A cable from a popular local electronics outlet.

HDMI Cable Price 01.  Last I looked it was more like $25 dollars.  I think there is a glut of these cables so prices are becoming more competitive.

At another major retailer, only online do you can get a reasonable price, but watch out in the stores!

lawn mower spindle pricingLawn mower parts pricing

I have repaired several lawn mowers over the years and lots of other yard equipment.  You really do have to shop around for good prices for parts.  Spindles / Mandrels can take a lot of abuse and can break.  Sometimes the replacements are better than the OEM and priced much lower!  Lawn mower Mandrels-Spindles ....

More price examples ..........

I hope this helps you find some more reasonable prices.  Always check out the accessories available from other sources.  Please do make sure you find fair and reasonable prices.










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