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Mo-Deck review, works OK

Mo-deck review of grass buildup under mower deckHere is a view of my mower deck.  It has now had several Mo-Deck treatments.  When I review where the grass sticks to the deck, Mo-Deck seems to help keep clear the high velocity regions under the mower deck.  There still is a build up in front of the right blade where the grass must impact with tremendous velocity.  But even here this deposit does tend to "chunk" off more frequently by itself after several treatments of Mo-Deck.  Where there are low air velocity areas there tends to still be some build up, but, I do see large chunks of grass actually falling off while I mow.  I would say that was a rare site before I started using this product.

As you can probably see this is a well used mower deck.  In fact recently I have had to do several major repairs.  I replaced both spindles and most recently I repaired a major safety problem.  My mower deck blades wouldn't disengage.  Please review my article regarding this important safety repair of my mower deck.

Yes my mower deck has some rust.  Even so it seems the Mo-deck does prevent grass build up to unpainted surfaces.  I cannot say what it would do on a brand new well painted deck.  But I can also just about guarantee that any paint will soon wear off a well used mower deck.

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You do have to give Mo-deck a chance

So in this review I have found Mo-Deck worth a try.  And as the instructions say, you do have to give it a chance by applying multiple coats over time.  When I first read this I was thinking what better way to sell me more product than to say it will not work very well until it has been used several times.  But it does appear to be true.

There definitely still is some sticking.

Mo-deck review Homemade service ramp Here is my homemade service ramp.  Took some guts at first to drive up it.  I tried to drive the mower up without me on it.  Nope, it needs the ballast (me)!  This setup makes it a little easier to service the blades and clean the deck without removing it.  Mo-Deck is far from perfect but it does help and if there is a trend it does appear more applications make it better.  I will let you know, I will keep using it next season.

Well I hope this brief review of Mo-Deck helps you make up your mind.  If you wait till the end of next season I should have an update.









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