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My surgery for deviated septum

Surgery for a septum that is deviated; while it was out patient surgery for my septal deviation it was mandatory that somebody drive me home that day, so my wife took the day off.  Into the preparation area I go and they hand me the hospital gown, you know the one that never covers your butt.  Can I keep my underwear on?  I guess not.  They give me a shot in preparation for anesthesia and load me up on the gurney.  Dr. Berger visits me before the actual sinus surgery and is very supportive and comforting, I appreciated this.  They rolled me into the operating room, we say a few words, and out I went with no discomfort whatsoever, like going to sleep without knowing it.  After Dr. Berger completed the surgery he gave a full report to my wife before I woke up.  And after the surgery no more deviated septum, and wow, could I breath!

For how it all started please see my deviated nasal septum story.

deviated: crooked, misaligned.

septum: cartilage separating nasal passages

surgery: operation to remove or repair a part of the body, or to find out if disease is present.

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My Tonsil surgery

I thought I would mention this now.  When I was young I had my tonsils removed.  The thing I still remember was the anesthetic.  Back then they used a mask and Ether, this process really frightened me, I thought I was dying.  I wanted to rip that mask off my face and save my life.  Anesthesia has come a long way!  I had absolutely no concerns or discomfort from the anesthetic throughout the entire process.

I wake up after septum surgery

Deviated Septum Surgery"Bob, Bob wake up".  That is what I heard, a little rush of adrenaline I wake up.  Whew made it!  After surgery for my deviated septum I was a little groggy and at first I could not coordinate my eyes.  I had to have my glasses right away, I knew from the past if I am bleary eyed like this I could get sick easily.  With the glasses on I was fine.  My nose was bandaged and I had some bleeding from my nose which is completely normal.  Dr. Berger had filled me in on what to expect after septum surgery.  I must say the entire surgical process was very well choreographed, I was totally pleased.  Thanks to all the folks at Montgomery hospital!
No more deviated septum, my sinuses were cleaned out, and WOW could I breath!

Back home after my morning in surgery

I am back home and the only restriction is lying down most the time for the first day or so.  I still am quite bloody around the nose.  The surgery was done on a Friday and if I remember right I was back to work Monday.  It was funny on Sunday, I had an uninvited solicitor ringing my door bell and she would not give up, so finally I answer the door with this big bloody bandage on my nose, she was definitely put off and probably wished she had not rung the door bell so many times!

Sinus/Nasal Irrigators may help  

I recovered from my deviated septum surgery on schedule

Dr. Berger knew precisely what would occur and how long my recovery would take.  At times he had to remove scabbing inside my nose and at one point I went whoa, I thought my brains were coming out, but no just material that needs to be removed to facilitate proper healing.  Throughout the healing process I used a nasal saline solution spray.

And occasionally even today I use the nasal saline solution spray if my nose or sinuses feel dry.  I keep several bottles around so they are convenient at all times.  Avoid spraying your nasal septum, always spray toward the outside of your nose, to prevent a perforated septum.

After several follow up visits the process was complete.  I could breath very well!  The doctor also strongly recommended using a humidifier at least in the bedroom and certainly during the winter.  I use a Hunter Humidifier, I have had two for several years.

I have left this unit full of water all summer and there is no algae buildup.  Some calcium but this is easy to clean out.  The "filter" (actually the water evaporating medium) does not have to be replaced, a big cost and time saver.  The fan is not "whisper" quiet but for me the sound level is fine.  I covered over the "out of water" LED, or indicator, with electrical tape; who wants a bright light turning on in the middle of the night, if the unit runs out of water.  This unit holds plenty of water.  It does occasionally go "glug glug" but you get used to this quickly.  Many humidifiers do this!  It seems the ultrasonic ones soak the surrounding area.

Possibly, if you use a humidifier and saline solution before you develop sinus problems, you might not need the surgery.  A dehumidifier cannot fix a deviated septum!  It was also suggested I continue to use the saline solution 3 times a day forever, something I have not done.  I do use it occasionally when my nose feels dry.

These sound machines have really helped us sleep!  

Next summer I was astonished!

My sinus allergies were virtually non-existent and this has been so since, now 3 years.  I used to have moderately severe symptoms, now even at the peak of grass season, I might have some slight tearing in my eyes but I can breath through my nose quite well.  This was a totally unexpected benefit and I may be the only one who is this lucky.  This possible improvement was not promised nor even mentioned by the doctor.  Also sinus headache seems to be virtually gone!  I would tend to have these in the winter when it was extremely dry and during the allergy season.  Finally even today in the winter the humidifier really helps.  Yesterday, 12/29/2003 I forgot to turn on the dehumidifier.  I noticed in the morning my nose seemed more restricted and dried out.  What was surprising is my wife who did not know I forgot to turn the humidifier on also mentioned she was all stuffy!.  The humidifier can really make a difference in comfort while sleeping, primarily in winter, unless you are in the desert!

So this was my surgical experience for a septal deviation and it was worth the effort.

I hope you find this helpful if you are having these difficulties or are considering surgery.










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