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Stories with your teapot

Have you ever had this happen to you at tea time?

My old tea cup with the bag tag in the water You pour your scalding hot tea time water into your cup and zip; your tea bag string shoots into your cup.  You jump, pouring scalding hot water onto your hand.  Then the tea kettle top falls off and steam scalds your arm.  Then instead of getting a spoon, you reach into the scalding hot water to fetch that tea bag string and burn your finger tips too!  Talk about a worst case scenario.

Well here is a tip from my wife Carol for your tea time.

Just wrap the bag string around the cup handleJust wrap the tea bag string once around the handle of the cup!  Works great, take my word for it!  Now pour in that scalding hot water, let it steep, and have a hot cup of tea!  It is like in the westerns, when they tie up their horses, just one wrap of the reins does the trick, the horse stays put and so will the tea bag string.

Oh, by the way, the ugly cup is mine!  I have since lost it too.  I really liked that cup.  I guess it was not my cup of tea!

Other tips:

More Tea Party Tips

My Clotted Cream Tea Time story.

My wife kept talking about my having to try a Clotted Cream Tea.  The "a" in the previous sentence should have been my clue.

My wife and I have visited the UK, two times now, and have enjoyed ourselves immensely.  The landscape is unique, compared to the US, and the people are remarkable; responsible, friendly, and humorous.  Curious about Americans too.

We went to the town of Sidmouth for the day intending to visit the Donkey Sanctuary and shop, but also found time for our Clotted Cream Tea at the Clock Tower Restaurant near Connaught Gardens.  We purchased our tea, picked up our cream, and some scones.  As we sat, I began to add cream to my tea.  I normally would not do this.  As I added more and more cream I found it did not taste different than any tea with cream.  So finally I asked my wife, "what is so special about this cream"?  She says; the Clotted Cream is for the scone!

You see to me Tea is an object, in the UK it is an event or perhaps an object.  So in this way I learned that the clotted cream goes on the scone not in the tea at a tea!

Hope this helped, Thanks!


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